Portrait Ben ChauletSince recently, my 40 years, I discovered that my overweight, uncontrolled emotions, and illness could be related to my daily diet.

After a substantial number of readings and research, I came upon a new nutrition plan base on 4 laws.

My 4 laws:

  • Ban all types of sugars from my diet
  • Eat only what grows, runs or flies on earth (no processed, prepared or industrial products)
  • Controling the intake of essential vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K, and trace elements
  • For my ethic being: vegetarian (what is going on with the meat industry is not acceptable)

To become with these 4 laws, my readings focused on these different topics: anti-inflammatory food, understanding the effect of sugar, digestion process, vitamin requirements, and the toxicity of industrial foods. And all news and relevant informations which follow the 4 laws.

All my researches will be explain in this blog and will help you I hope, to listen your body and find your balanced diet.


Leave me your feedback on my approach in the comment box and I will answer you.

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