Hundreds of bad chemicals in your food


Eating vegetables to get more fibers and vitamins is one way of doing a healthy diet. But like for the meat industry and the over-commercialization, the market is full of harmful metals, and bad chemicals in your food.

How to be sure that my vegetables are pure and will not harm my body, with persistent exposure? The answer is not easy but if you buy local and check labels, you could be in a safer place.


What are the risks of contaminations?

Since the overproduction of vegetables which started in the ’60s, the toxic chemicals have risen 17 folds in 40 years.

And you can find yourself also exposed to, mercury, lead, cadmium, tin, and arsenic in food. Most often this exposure exists because of the plots used by farmers which are near industrial zones, or power plants. So this could also happen at your local farm, even if you buy bio or organic only because of its geographic position.

Check here this infographic from the Daily Mail, where you learned some examples of chemicals used:

bad chemicals in your foodThe Daily Mail online



How to eat less or nonharmful chemicals?

Choose organic for all your fruits and vegetables, is the first things to do. Consume less meat, fish or dairy. And reduce to zero your intake of processed food and meals. Those 3 rules give you a solid base to avoid those chemicals.

Veggi wash
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Then you can clean your fruits and vegetables from chemicals in rinsing them with natural vinegar. Just plunge them in a bowl with water and add 1 cup of vinegar. Leave it like this from 30m to 1h, rinse, and voilà.

In a special shop, you can find this kind of vegetables cleaner product, which seems to be efficient.
Hundreds of bad chemicals in your food 1

You can also do a kind of detox with Chlorella or Spirulina, which are well known for absorbing metals. See our article here.



Buying local, and organic seems to be the best way to be protected against those chemicals. But don’t forget to rinse or clean every fruits and vegetable before eating them. If you respect those rules you will be safe from harmful pesticides and chemicals.



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  1. I think it’s so important to eat organic when you can. Not only are they so much better for you but a necessity these days.

  2. Buying organic and thoroghly washing your vegetables are great ways to avoid consuming chemicals. My husband and I are looking to take it a step further and start growing our own fruits and vegetables.

  3. Great read – I am focusing massively on nutrition at the moment whilst training for a marathon and I also want to implement it in my work as a PT for my clients. This was a very informative read. Cheers

  4. Its very scary when you think about the amount of chemicals that goes on the food we eat. It’s best to grow our own veg and fruits or buy the organic ones. But then again how many of us have farms or a plot of land to grow them all.

  5. This is so scary to think about! I will have to pick up some of that veggie cleaner . . . I don’t think I’d like the taste if I washed them in vinegar haha.

  6. I think it’s so important to eat organic when you can. Not only are they so much better for you, I also think they taste better!

  7. It always drives me crazy to learn how harmful the food around us is. How in the world can people stay healthy and happy if they harm themselves without even knowing it? It’s like that terrible hidden sugar everywhere! Also, speaking of buying local, there is a documentary called “The Truth Behind Farmers’ MArkets” or smth like that – it’s nice to watch to see how often we buy the same produce full of chemicals.

  8. It’s so scary how many chemicals are on the foods we eat. Washing your fruits and vegetables is a great way to help rid them of those nasty pesticides and herbicides.

  9. Its so sad that we have to be wary of such things. I always try to buy from local farms and farmers markets, whenever I can and I always wash my produce!

  10. You are bringing up an important subject.
    I don’t understand why food is getting destroyed with chemicals…

  11. A healthy diet begins with lots of fruits and vegetables, but some of your family’s favorites may contain startling amounts of harmful pesticides. … As they grow, plants absorb pesticides and residues linger on fruit and vegetable skins all the way to your kitchen, even after you wash them.

  12. Wow, you’ve given such a list of awesome tips! I would remember the 3 important rules: Choose organic fruits and vegetables; consume less meat, fish or dairy; and reduce processed food intake. Thank you for sharing this!

  13. There are sonmany nasty things in out food that they don’t even disclose! The best way to go is to grow your own or buy organic but it’s all so time consuming ! Thanks for a great post

  14. This is really interesting I have to admit I had no idea about this at all! I am going to have to really think this over and think about where I buy.

  15. This is really great info, I try to get my fruits and veggies from a local market because you get to meet the farmers and learn more about their produce. Its annoying to learn that so many chemicals are in the produce we tend to buy in the local supermarkets.

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