The best fasting diets in 2019


The benefits of fasting are to stimulate immune defenses and cells renewal for example. Depending on its duration, the best fasting diets safely detoxify and renew the cells of many organs. You can fast for one day, intermittent fasting, or 21 days fasting and still be healthy. It has also an anti-inflammatory effect.

This new revitalization of the organs greatly improves the processes of the body. A new youth again!

At the psychic level, fasting can improve mental, emotional and decisional abilities.

Fasting has a real beneficial effect on health when it is well managed.


Why choose one of the best fasting diets? And how to fast safely?

Since the dawn of times, we are supposed to run to find food. The body is biologically prepared for lack of food and scarcity. It is only in our modern times that we feed regularly, sometimes badly or too much. This surplus of food and our sedentary lifestyle causes a global imbalance. Not to mention fast food, and industrial food, oily or toxic ingredients.

Fasting will place the body in a state of survival, which consumes fats, renewing cells, and regain its normal efficacy. Depending on its duration, fasting can consume viruses and internal bacteria to find the rest of energy, with an immediate health benefit. Many benefits are also well described here.


What are the different types of best fasting diets?

Warning: before starting fasting, it is important to reduce your diet, and avoid malnutrition for at least a week. Consult your current doctor about your state of health.

During fasting, it is important to drink a lot of water, to help the large evacuation of toxins and other discharges.

After fasting, it is necessary to regain a normal diet gradually without throwing on hearty meals.


What is Intermittent fasting?

This fast is easy to practice for most people. It is about fasting during a short time, in a discontinuous manner, respecting a certain frequency. This requires some adjustments to find its rhythm. This can last from 1 to 3 days and can be often renewed.


Intermittent fasting from 16/8:

we spend 16h fasting. This gives the organism time to be detoxicated, and on a daily basis. Example: we eat at noon, then a snack at 4 pm, then in the evening we skip dinner. This has the advantage of fasting during sleep.


Intermittent fasting from 5/2:

The normal diet for 5 days, fasting 2 days and repeated every week. Depending on your ease you can improvise 6/1 day, 4/3 days… Try and choose the formula that suits you.


What is long-lasting fasting?

Long fasting is very difficult but brings the best benefits in fasting. They do not require to be done often. It is necessary to take advice from a specialist and to be in good condition.


The “one week fast” is probably the best fasting diet.

It is better to seek advice at the beginning of a sale fasting diet. This requires preparation and followed by a period readoption to a normal diet. This requires a large water supply and can last 6, 7 or even 8 days.

best fasting diets

A real way to lose weight.


Often unpleasant physical symptoms and emotional episodes occur as you push your body into its last retrenchments and your brain will try to dissuade you. Detoxifying and cell regeneration are already very effective in a week. This fast is done one to two times a year. You can see some first benefits such as the disappearance of allergies and better and healthier skin.

To prolong fasting after more than one week
This fast asks to be strong and requires a little more practice. Here we can see a real benefit globally, more energy and a great state of mind. At this moment it is really easy to add even more days of fasting.

Fasting for 2 and 3 weeks
You must be followed by a specialist. It solicits the resources of the organs so much, that it may be necessary to take dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals.


Conclusion for the best fasting diets:

The benefits of fasting are real. Benefits are indisputable in a society of malnutrition, such as fast food and where industrial and pollution are omnipresent.

The common intoxication is not only nutritional but also psychic and fasting has the ability to perform a reboot and a cleansing of the whole body and mind.

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  1. I hear alot about these fasting diets personally I would prefer to eat regularly but balanced meals and exercise. But I guess it depends on individuals how the body reacts to fasting .

  2. I have Hindu and Muslim friends who fast and the older I get, the more I think it’s something I can handle. When I fly internationally, I sometimes don’t eat for more than 24 hours and it feels good.

  3. I do believe in benefits of fasting even though I am not religious. food limitation is for the better

  4. Good reading the benefits of fasting. Indian rituals list down fasting as a way of cleaning our system and is practiced widely during many festivals.

  5. I haven’t tried fasting before but my friend does it quite often for religious reasons. Not sure I could manage it myself.

  6. I have heard there are so many good thing which come from intermittent fasting. I know it’s helps with health, weight loss, and a ton of other things.

  7. I really enjoy juice cleanses and fasts. There are definitely a ton of benefits to fasting!

  8. I think periodic fasts can be a terrific way to detox the body and reset our clock. I try to do at least 1-2 every year. I completed a 21 day fast in January and loved it.

  9. I agree fasting is very beneficial for health if done properly and under full control

  10. I have heard a lot of things lately about fasting. I don’t have a lot of luck with actually making it through a fast.. I get so hungry and cranky! But there are definitely some benefits that make sense.

  11. I agree with your thoughts and it does work for some people but I am not in favor of fasting, instead I prefer reducing sugar and processed food. Simple eating which includes boiled veg and lentils

  12. I know I commented on your other fasting post, but this one is interesting, too. I’m not fasting in the traditional sense, but after a couple new health diagnoses, I’m going through somewhat of a detox and experiencing the effects of cutting out added sugars and gluten, and cutting back on carbs.

  13. I agree that people who wants to try this need to seek for consultation and do some research if it is applicable to their health and lifestyle. It might do them more harm if they’ll rush and do it the wrong way.

  14. This is a lovely post about fasting. However, I don’t do fasting. I love food very much it is a nature’s blessings!

  15. My husband does intermittent fasting and yet for me it isnt something I would find beneficial. I struggle a lot with my blood sugars and need to eat little and often to stay healthy.

  16. I am on intermittent fasting now and I think it’s working well. Thank you for all of these information!

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