• are dairies good
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    Do we really need dairy to be healthy?

    Being vegetarian and seeing all the benefits of it, the question of stopping dairy came also to the scope. In Europe, the population started to eat dairy 8’000 years ago, but before that, most of the population was intolerant. Today, we assume that only 5% are intolerant (or don’t have the lactase enzyme). So we introduced, milk for example, as a new product into the food market and we adapted to it. Population like Japan or China, which have not dairy in their nutrition are still nowadays mostly dairy intolerant. Cheese (fermented milk) having less lactose is more accepted than milk in those regions. Mainly, it’s because in our life being…

  • Dash Diet example

    Did you heard of the DASH diet and that it is the best diet from doctors?

    In this website, we have already made a list of top 5 diets but the Dash diet originally design by doctors has become really trendy and efficient. Why doctors are backing the Dash diet and what is the dash diet exactly? DASH means exactly Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. According to doctors at the National Institutes of Health, the DASH diet scores well at the “Weight Loss Effectiveness” ranking. At the origin, the Dash diet was designed for people with hypertension and they find out that the Dash diet was also efficient to lose weight quickly. Mostly because it suppresses the salty food, and it transfers the useful nutrients from bad food habits…

  • 5 fast weight loss diet

    Top 5 fast weight loss diets

    To lose weight, you have to choose the right weight loss diet. Should I do sports to lose weight? Are all diets the same? Which one is the fastest? Are most of the questions new dieters ask. Following a survey on social media, here are the 5 favorites diets selected by dieters.   5. Anti-inflammatory Diet (our choice) The anti-inflammatory diet answers a problem from our modern time and mostly, the weight we gain because of the unhealthy food we eat nowadays (sugar, industrial product, bad fat, etc.). It is a fast diet and mostly for people with belly and hips fat, after their 30’s. The direct symptom of junk-food junky. More than…

  • Pourquoi être végétarien

    Becoming a vegetarian was the best choice in my life

    Before we start a weight loss diet, we all have this little voice in our head, saying:  “I don’t feel well, I’m fat” then we decide to act. That’s where it all started, for me. Thanks to this mood at that moment, this realization of not feeling well, and for a long time, now I was ready for a change. We all feel this moment. Maybe as a reader now, you feel it too? Becoming a vegetarian has transformed me physically and mentally.   Why don’t you eat meat? A television reportage tipped me off. As if I had discovered something new. I realized that I was feeding myself poorly…

  • Weight loss curve

    My diet to lose weight naturally and rapidly

    As you probably did, about my 30th birthday, I started to gain weight around the belly, without really worrying, until I became obese towards my 40’s (+ 20kg). I have tried most diets without success because too restrictive or having a yo-yo effect. I also practiced fitness, which worked but as soon as I stopped the daily routines, my weight went up immediately. I finally realized that something had eluded me. I had not understood that I poisoned my body and this “fat” was the symptom!     The outline of this “Chaulet” regime This diet that I developed for my part, is based on the vegetarian diet, anti-inflammatory and…

  • Superfood in a plate
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    4 superfoods that helps and detox your body

    Chlorella, Spirulina, Goji Berries, Aloe Vera gel. You have already heard of those superfoods which contain a concentrated dose of nutrients. Let’s talk about 5 of them as a bonus for your diet.   Chlorella Chlorella contains the highest percentage of chlorophyll of any known plant on earth and is one of nature’s most powerful cleansing agents. Sixty percent of Chlorella is a high-quality protein that is easy to assimilate. It supports the body’s tissues, metabolism and immune system with nucleic acids and key RNA and DNA factors that help protect every cell. Moreover, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and many other naturally occurring nutrients, including the powerful…

  • anti-inflammatory food

    Anti-inflammatory food can help to lose weight fast

    Inflammation is a natural process that helps your body heal itself and defend itself from damage. Unfortunately, inflammation can sometimes become “uncontrolled” and chronic.  Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce inflammation and improve your health. One of the symptoms of inflammation due to an inflammatory diet is the presence of fat on the belly and under the skin.   What is inflammation? And how it is responsible for your weight gain. Inflammation is the way your body protects against infections, illnesses or injuries. As part of the inflammatory response, your body increases the production of white blood cells, immune cells and substances called cytokines that help fight infections.…

  • Vitamin from each aliment type
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    Top 6 of the essential vitamins, to help you lose weight and being healthy

    The etymology of the word vitamin contributes to the explanation of these indispensable organic substances. It comes from the Latin “Vita” meaning “life”. And for cause, vitamins are essential to humans, participating in the proper functioning of our organism. If you want to have a beautiful skin, keeping a good dose of energy even in winter or even boosting our immune defenses, vitamin remains our health asset. Note that the body does not produce vitamins in a natural way, so it is essential to go and look for them in our diet. Vitamin C will guarantee an energy intake, while vitamin E will slow down the aging of the skin.…

  • Sugar dangerous for a diet
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    Sugar could be responsible for hunger and weight gain

    Have you always been disappointed because this or that diet for weight loss is not working? Check the amount of sugar, corn sugar, fructose and other alike are in the ingredients of what you eat. The sugar triggers your brain and makes you want more… more food… more sweet and more weight. It has been said for a long time that fat is the enemy to be slaughtered in the war against obesity. In recent years, however, several studies have focused on the impact of sugar on health. According to several researchers, sugar is more dangerous than fat. Some even as far as to compare it to a poison or a…