• Health

    Why bacterias can save your life?

    For some people, bacteria is a synonym of disease, but in fact, they are essential to our well being. Bacterias are in fact a key element of our health and populate mostly our gut. They are helping our body to process nutrients and fight against bad bacterias or other invaders like yeast. Do you know that a big problem of our society crankiness is that we live in a too aseptic environment? Our homes are so clean, that we kill also the gut bacterias that we need to be healthy, and bad bacterias more resistant take over. We are too clean and it’s harmful to our body.   How bacterias are responsible for…

  • Pesticide

    Do you know that hundreds of chemicals are in your fruits and vegetables?

    Eating vegetables to get more fibers and vitamins is one way of doing a healthy diet. But like for the meat industry and the over-commercialization, the market is full of harmful metals, and chemicals. How to be sure that my vegetables are pure and will not harm my body, with persistent exposure? The answer is not easy but if you buy local and check labels, you could be in a safer place.   What are the risks of contaminations? Since the overproduction of vegetables which started in the 60’s, the toxic chemicals have risen 17 folds in 40 years. And you can find yourself also exposed to, mercury, lead, cadmium, tin,…

  • Les additifs dans la nourriture

    How many additives are in food and is it good for our health?

    Most of the foods we buy in a normal supermarket today are industrial. Those products are made with multiple types of additives and are convenient for the supply chain and the brand’s marketing.   What are those additives for? The most commons additives used for the colors, texture, filling and flavors are Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Artificial Food Coloring, Sodium Nitrite, Guar Gum, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, Carrageenan, Sodium Benzoate, and more (check healthline.com for more details). On top of that, we can add the unhealthy fats or sugar. Sugars which increases the sales, when added is a major health issue worldwide (see cbsnews.com).   Why is it so much…