• Health

    Why bacterias can save your life?

    For some people, bacteria is a synonym of disease, but in fact, they are essential to our well being. Bacterias are in fact a key element of our health and populate mostly our gut. They are helping our body to process nutrients and fight against bad bacterias or other invaders like yeast. Do you know that a big problem of our society crankiness is that we live in a too aseptic environment? Our homes are so clean, that we kill also the gut bacterias that we need to be healthy, and bad bacterias more resistant take over. We are too clean and it’s harmful to our body.   How bacterias are responsible for…

  • Two brain

    We have two brains and we don’t know it

    A healthy gut is so important that it can influence our energy, our weight loss, but also improve our mood and intellectual performance. Do you know that the gut, is our second brain? Your gut can influence your behavior, your mood, your energy and even take over your main brain. If your gut is “happy” or is a healthy gut your mood will be improving so as well. It has been proven that the gut has neurons with the same efficiency as the brain. If an intoxication happened in your gut, you will not be able to think or focus. Lack of sleep, lack of energy, being moody, bad sensations,…

  • Butcher Shoo, the only place where to buy good meat

    Do you want the best meat?

    With industrialization we know now, we hear, and sometimes we taste that the meat could be better, and healthier. Bacterias, hormones, and corn-fed meets are more common than ever. And it’s maybe the time, to return to a culture where we eat meat, one day a week, to help the system. With my ethic, I would say so… Before we can buy vegan Beyond Meat or even Elk meat in all part of the globe, some knowhow has to be followed.   Buying local, at the butcher, is the only way, to eat clean and delicious meat. Here is how you should shop now: Hello, I would need this piece of meat,…