• Sitting still kills

    Sitting still kills more than smoking

    100 years ago, working while standing was the norm, today it becomes the trend again. For anyone working in an office, spending 70% of their day sitting, is an increasingly recognized health problem by Doctors. Immobility or being static can cause arthritis, infections, intoxication, and especially weight gain. The body is made to move. Moving to make the body, regenerating itself and that works only when you are active. No movement is equal to a slower metabolism. Sedentary life promotes all musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, neck, shoulder, which are responsible for a large number of work sick days. Finally, being sedentary promotes the development of several disorders into our daily lives: heavy…

  • Flaming wok

    Top 5 best cooking methods to keep nutrients

    We all take care of what we eat! If it is bio, organic, fair-trade, and more, we are happy. Because we want the best, with the best nutrients and trace elements, do we? Do you know that cooking the wrong way can ruin all those great nutrients, you seek for? And you probably do it wrong! Yes, cooking can be bad! And following a survey I did for you, most of the people are getting it wrong. We don’t know what is the best way of cooking vegetables while keeping nutrients. Because yes, microwaving has a bad reputation and yes slow cooking is so trendy. AH! And why don’t we…