Two brain

We have two brains and we don’t know it

A healthy gut is so important that it can influence our energy, our weight loss, but also improve our mood and intellectual performance.

Do you know that the gut, is our second brain?

Your gut can influence your behavior, your mood, your energy and even take over your main brain. If your gut is “happy” or is a healthy gut your mood will be improving so as well.

It has been proven that the gut has neurons with the same efficiency as the brain.

If an intoxication happened in your gut, you will not be able to think or focus. Lack of sleep, lack of energy, being moody, bad sensations, are some of the effects of an unhealthy gut, and the symptoms are not coming from your brain.

It’s a two-way street and the two brains are constantly transmitting information about your body. Viruses and bacteria as well can also reach our brain thru and unhealthy and leaky gut.



What are the reasons for an unhappy or unhealthy gut?

healthy gutJunk food, sugar, gluten intolerance, bad bacterias, dysbiosis, leaky gut, yeast, and one of the most common: the inflammation.

  • Bad bacterias, if they have overgrown on the good bacterias, you are in risk to have poor food assimilation. Moreover, a development out of balance of yeast, or even lot of inflammation.
    Often caused by sugar and junk food.
  • Dysbiosis, is when the floor of the gut is not in balance or in osmosis anymore, which create a lack of comfort and incapacitate its normal process.
  • Leaky gut, is a big problem caused by malnutrition which cause immunity system problems, lack of nutrients, and can create intoxication.
    A leaky gut is often the result of an inflammatory situation created by malnutrition, lack of fibers, or too much sugary food. More info from Dr. Gundry, leaky gut explanation.
  • Yeast is often ignored. Yeast is growing when the bacteria symbiosis is not good anymore, or caused by antibiotics.
  • An inflammatory gut is the most common problem nowadays and caused by sugar intake. Too much meat or lack of fibers and when neglected can cause a leaky gut, with toxins going directly in the blood system.


All those traumas are creating discomfort in your gut and will create discomfort in your brain as well.


How to clean his gut and be happy again? There are many ways to build a better gut.

Probiotic for healthy gutIn the case of bacteria out of balance, taking some natural probiotics or in supplements for some weeks, will restore normally your good bacteria dominance.

In case of overgrown yeast, stopping sugar and meat for sometimes could help the bacteria to digest the yeast.

Overall reasons, eating a good amount of fibers, like vegetables and probiotics like sauerkraut will restore your gut balance. Stop inflammation and repair a leaky gut floor.

Trying probiotics in supplements can also be an alternative to restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut, which is definitively a major improvement.

You can find here a list of foods that heal the gut.



An unhealthy gut is surprisingly the main cause for your tiredness, irritability, lack of energy, insomnia, foggy brain and it is often underestimated.

The only way to have a healthy gut is to eat healthier, eat more vegetables hence fibers.

The second important thing is to stop sugary products OR hidden sugar (glucose, corn sugar, processed food) definitively.





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