Why good bacterias can save your life?

For some people, bacteria is a synonym of disease, but in fact, they are essential to our well being.

Good bacterias are great for your health and populate our gut. They are helping our body to process nutrients and fight against bad bacterias or other invaders like yeast.

Do you know that a big problem of our society crankiness is that we live in a too aseptic environment? Our homes are so clean, that we kill also the gut bacterias that we need to be healthy, and bad bacterias more resistant take over.

We are too clean and it’s harmful to our body.


How good bacterias or bad bacterias are responsible for my health?

First of all, the gut is populated by bacterias, and if you have a good diet, you should have a good balance between good bacterias and a healthy gut. Read this article about it.

Good bacteria do their work as eating yeast and processing food that you normally could not process while killing bad bacterias and yeast on the way. Bacterias are also on your skin everywhere doing the same job.

Like real teamwork, those bacterias are your friend.

This population of good bacterias is developing since you are born, even earlier, when you are still in the mum’s uterus.

They are the result of you, being in an environment which gives you a certain population of bacterias.

Someone living in Nigeria, will not have the same bacteria’s population than someone living in France.

Hence the food someone can eat in Africa will not be received as well for someone living in France, Because of the population of bacterias in their gut is totally different.

Different hygiene and different environment result in totally different symbiosis between your body and your bacterias. And it takes months or even years to get in balance.


How do we destroy those good bacterias that we need?

antibiotics kills good bacteriasAntibiotics are the true enemy to our good bacterias. Because of them, some of the good bacterias you need could be gone for years, exposing your body to other bad bacterias and diseases.

Same with other drugs which can disturb the good balance in bacterias. Read this article about the influence of antibiotics.

As said previously bacterias are there before you are born, and it has been proved that when you are born with a C section, you are avoiding the good population of bacterias given normally by your mother at birth. Read this article about C-Section.

With a C- section the bacteria population is more the result of the hospital room. Some studies have highlighted that most of the predisposition to allergies and food intolerances could come from this birthing process.

A process where we bring a newborn fresh from bacterias to a room of bacterias that he has not inherited from his mom.

The same rule applies at home with the product you use to clean the floor and bathroom. Most of the products claiming killing bacterias are in fact killing the good bacterias as well.

Their efficiency is so high that they even change the bacterias balance in your body. It’s recommended not to use such products and use more green and natural products like those ones.

The food you eat daily is responsible for the balance in your bacterias set, as well.

Processed food, low-quality meat treated with antibiotics, sugary food, all those bad habits are killing the good bacterias. This can also help the yeast and bad bacterias to overcome the good bacterias.

Immediate symptoms are bloating, gas, and diarrhea, allergies, to the extent also headache and mood rollercoasters as well.

A healthy gut goes by a good diet, and a good health goes by a happy gut.


How to get the good bacterias back?

Eat probiotics will help to repopulate your gut and kills bad bacterias and yeast as well. Natural probiotics are for example all the fermented foods like sauerkraut or Kimchi (Korean food is an expert in fermentation).Probiotics on the marketWhy good bacterias can save your life? 1

You can find probiotics supplement on the market which helps in a few weeks to repopulate the bacterias in your gut. It is a good way to easily reintroduce good bacterias in your food.

Having a vegetarian diet will mostly help your body to have the good bacterias on a daily basis.

Cutting on junk food and sugar is also a good way to help bacterias to populate your gut quickly. The sugary food as the tendency to help yeast growth and bad bacterias.

The inflammation in your gut resulting in a too sugary intake or too frequent processed foods will unbalance your gut and create a good base for yeast and bad bacterias to grow.

Being outside, hiking in the forest, near farms and being just in nature, help your body to stock good bacterias from a good environment.



Eat healthier and more natural products, and live in a not too aseptic environment will help you to have a good health. Thanks to good bacterias you can avoid allergies, or food intolerances and welcome a good and protective balance of bacterias in your body.

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  1. Balance between good and bad bacteria is very essential, I have been told. So I definitely agree with you that eating healthier and more natural products, and living in a not too aseptic environment will help us have good health.

  2. Great post. It’s a fact that children who are scrubbed and kept away from germs when they are little has more issues with illnesses later on. We have to have a balance of good and bad bacteria.

  3. Very informative post!! We do take probiotics and use a lot of yogurt in our diets to help a bit with this. Also, we try to avoid antibiotics when not necessary.

  4. Couldn’t agree with this more! We all take probiotics in my family. And we use only natural cleaners in my home. We are also not afraid to let the kids get dirty.

  5. I love your post, it is so true that batteries can actually be helpful in your life. I do not understand the mothers who clean the house until it is surgically clean, it can be just harmful.

  6. I have read several articles on this which do talk about the importance of a good gut. I think Indian homemade curds are also a good way to help improve the natural bacteria growth.

  7. I never would have thought about cleaners killing good bacteria as well, but makes sense. I’m glad 99% of my house cleaners are natural.

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