My diet to lose weight naturally and rapidly

Weight loss curve

As you probably did, about my 30th birthday, I started to gain weight around the belly, without really worrying, until I became obese towards my 40’s (+ 20kg).

I have tried most diets without success because too restrictive or having a yo-yo effect. I also practiced fitness, which worked but as soon as I stopped the daily routines, my weight went up immediately. I finally realized that something had eluded me.

I had not understood that I poisoned my body and this “fat” was the symptom!  


The outline of this “Chaulet” regime

This diet that I developed for my part, is based on the vegetarian diet, anti-inflammatory and more knowledge in my biology regarding nutrition and its effects on the body.

It is a gentle diet, respecting the body, and which, in the long term, is becoming a new good nutrition habit.

Sugars in prepared dishesThe strong point is to remove all the bad ingredients contained in prepared and industrial products such as natural or white sugar, hydrogenated oils such as palm oil.

In addition, no fitness is necessary. Like in a diet where you count calories for example.


The crucial points of this diet:

Weight Drop and diet

  1. Become a vegetarian to increase the quantity of fiber, vitamins and trace elements the body needs
  2. Stop the sugar in all its aspects, bread, pasta and any industrial or prepared product.
  3. Complete meals with essential vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, in the form of supplements.


In the picture below 1. corresponds to when I became a vegetarian, and 2. corresponds to the time when I stopped the sugar and started taking the essential vitamins.


In the end, I lost weight, found energy and savour again food.


Thank you for your comments.

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