Why sitting kills more than smoking

Sitting still kills

100 years ago, working while standing was the norm, today it becomes the trend again. For anyone working in an office, spending 70% of their day seating is an increasingly recognized health problem by Doctors. Sitting too long is a real health problem. Sitting kills more than the cigarette.

Immobility or being static can cause arthritis, infections, intoxication, inflammation, and especially weight gain. The body is made to move. Moving to make the body, regenerating itself and that works only when you are active.

That’s why sitting kills more than you probably think

No movement is equal to a slower metabolism. Sedentary life promotes all musculoskeletal disorders, back pain, neck, shoulder, which are responsible for a large number of work sick days.

Finally, being sedentary promotes the development of several disorders into our daily lives: heavy legs, constipation, a sensation of chronic fatigue. Find out more here why sitting still kills more than cigarettes.


Moving every 2 or 3 hours, a minimum of 5 minutes keeps you healthy.

How to adopt a dynamic, adapted and healthier position when working chained to a desk?

There are a number of solutions, such as standing desks, balloon chairs, adapted chairs and even routines that could be associated at a good “office fitness” style.
You can also find the best office chair for back pain. You can also stretch for lower back and hip pain. Bust the best is to have often during the day some break and move a bit.


Make your choice among these 4 best strategies of sitting healthy :

There are many solutions which can help you to avoid sitting for a long time. With an immediate health benefit. No needs for medication, or exercises, all are in the position and mobility choices you make.


Why sitting kills more than smoking 1The exercise ball:

Or the ball to sit is a nice tip. Here the game is to be seated, but, always in balance. This has the advantage of constantly moving all the bottom of the body through the need to stay in balance.




sitting killsWhy sitting kills more than smoking 2The standing desk:

The standing station was perfect 100 years ago and becomes the trend again. A standing desk has the advantage to put you on your legs, which makes you move constantly. It is one of the most healthy and natural solutions and you are more productive as well.


Spread your tools away for you:

Placing your smartphone in charge on ana different desk, having another table to write and another for the computer, so that you have to move for every action that constitutes your work thus you will move unconsciously. Some companies have mobile chargers strategically placed in the office, to make you move more often.


Why sitting kills more than smoking 3

Why sitting kills more than smoking 4Set Alarms:

On your smartphone, you can simply set alarms, to force you to move often during the day. Smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, will automatically allow you to move when you are too much inactive. Without any setup!





Why sitting kills more than smoking 5In conclusion, moving is your health!

You can find practical and fun tools from €50 and this can improve your health dramatically while making you lose weight by adding dynamism to your days. Not to mention that it increases your productivity by being also more active in your body and your mind!

Choose your style! And make me part of your choice in your Comments.

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  1. It’s crazy how sedentary our lifestyles are in modern times when everything is just a click away. Thanks for this great reminder to keep moving….

  2. So important to keep it moving! Super interesting post! I work retail and am literally on my feet walking around for 8 hours a day!

  3. We definitely need to move more. Thank you for this great post!! I remember when i lived in Europe i used to walk at least 2 hours a day and didn’t think it was exercise at all. Now, we tend to park as close as possible to the door of the grocery store so we can walk less. I definitely need to move more!

  4. I definitely agree with this. Sitting for long hours has a bad impact for our health. Keep moving!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to get up and move every so often, because it is not hard to get caught up in what you are doing and it can be very hard on your body, not to mention the eye strain as well, if you don’t step away every so often.

  6. As a full-time blogger, I’m very guilty of sitting down in front of my computer for long hours. During weekends, I take long walks to help my body remain healthy.

  7. It’s difficult not to sit constantly as a student, but I try to find sneaky ways to get up and walk around. Plus it wakes me up!

  8. What can I say……other than, this is a fantastic post!
    Such an important topic. You are on point with movement. Your tips were also very good!

  9. Since I started getting serious with blogging, I’ve been staying in front of the computer longer than before. Good thing is that we always go for a walk in the afternoon.

  10. Yes! This is so important. I make a conscious effort to get up and move around everyday because I spend most of my time sitting. I’ll have to try the exercise ball!

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